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Beautiful soul, let me take you on a journey of pure uninterrupted relaxation and bliss. In 2022 I put together a little package in the salon which focused solely on relaxation. 1:1 sessions and group sessions are still available in 2023, which join my love of hair with a love of music to create a space for you to relax and be taken care of and pampered more holistically. These will be held in my new therapy suite (All traditional hair offerings will be held in the salon).

We are always looking after everyone else. This is a chance to book in some you time… and I have added a few extras to the menu.

To book in a discovery call and create a therapeutic uniquely designed space specifically for you, please follow the link below and choose a MONDAY time slot. 1:1 sessions are available at a time that is convenient for you, and we can work that out during our call. I need to tell you also that I don't work with everyone. If I think you would heal better with somebody else I will tell you. Thank you for trusting my judgement and discernment in this regard. 

1:1 Private Sessions 

There is nobody else in the studio space during these sessions. They are private safe places designed to give you space to relax.


Treatment, Sound and Relaxation 1:1 Session - 90 minutes

Welcoming you into a calm setting with a cool drink, I will begin your journey with a gentle hand soak, and combination of breath work and drum work to bring some grounding and help you slide comfortably into a sea of calm. Following this, you will receive a deep nourishing hair mask, depositing nourishment to your hair follicle. Your scalp, too, will be nourished with a gentle oil and as your hair and head bathe in a nourishing restorative treatment, I will give you a blissful relaxing scalp massage before covering your hair in a deliciously cozy towel infused in essential oils in preparation for the next part of your journey.


With the option of your very own eye mask, and a pillow and blanket, you will then  be surrounded in a sensory bath of beautiful sound and vibration using crystal singing bowls and other acoustic instruments and vocals to replace your stress with a moment of deep calm. Please note that the treatment will remain in your hair as you leave, so please bring a hat or scarf for your comfort as you leave. You will leave feeling healed, calm, rejuvenated and de-stressed.

  • Breath work

  • Nourishing hair treatment

  • 20 minute Scalp Massage

  • 20 minute sound immersion with crystal singing bowls and more

Sessions are private 1:1 sessions for women only at this stage.  Indulge yourself. You are worth it. 

Other 1:1 therapy treatments

These are also available to book online using the link below. I would strongly advise beginning by booking a phone discovery call to design a session that is perfect for you. I can also take you through the process of how to book from there. 

Breathwork - 15 minutes

A great way to start the day. Calming breathing techniques to help you to find a moment of calm. Helps with anxiety, stress and an overactive mind. Deep breathing to help you discipline your mind to calm itself in moments of overwhelm. Breath work and warm drink. Taking a moment to pause. 

 Sound and Relaxation - 30 minutes

Sound immersion and a relaxing half hour of time out. Held in my therapy suite in Belmont, you will leave completely relaxed. 


Sound and Relaxation - 1hr 

Sound immersion and a relaxing hour of time out. Held in my Therapy suite in Belmont, you will leave completely relaxed.

Foot Soak and Soundbath - 30 minutes

An indulgent immersion to relax tired feet and a tired mind. Session held in the Belmont therapy suite. 

Scalp massage and hair treatment - 30 minutes

Scalp massage and treatment therapy intended to nourish your hair and scalp and give you half an hour to stop and relax for a moment. Come in on your lunch break or before your shopping and treat yourself to a moment of calm. You will leave the suite with the treatment in your hair. Please bring a headscarf or hat for your convenience.  Session held in the Belmont therapy suite. 

Hair Treatment & head massage - 45 minutes

45 minute scalp massage and treatment therapy intended to nourish your hair and scalp and give you half an hour to stop and relax for a moment. Come in on your lunch break or before your shopping and treat yourself to a moment of calm. You will leave the suite with the treatment in your hair.  Please bring a headscarf or hat for your convenience.  Session held in the Belmont therapy suite. 


Mirror Work journey - 45 minutes

a 45 minute gentle journey of self love and acceptance designed to look beyond the surface of who you see in the mirror when you walk into a hairdressing salon, to embrace the beautiful you inside and out. a gentle nurturing journey beginning with a nourishing hair treatment, guided meditation and gentle journal expression. This is very gentle and you will feel held, safe and loved into a place of healing and true authentic acceptance. Please come with clean, dry, freshly washed product free hair.

Group Sessions 

Session times for 2023 will be released shortly 

2022 saw the introduction of some very beautiful

and nourishing group sessions where I was

honoured to be able to collaborate with some

very talented locals to provide a nourishing space

for 6 women per session. These were delightful

to hold, and I will be continuing these in 2023.

Treatment, Sound and Relaxation group Session - 90 minutes

As well as all the nourishing that you receive in a 1:1 session, a group session allows for an additional footwash and hand massage in the mix.

  • Footwash

  • Handsoak & Scrub

  • Breathwork

  • Hair Treatment

  • Scalp massage

  • Soundbath (someone said it’s like a camping sleepover with soundbowls and other acoustic sounds)

…and more

Because these sessions are for more people you do need to bring your own pillow and blanket to a session to ensure maximum comfort. These sessions are run monthly, subject to numbers. These are not private sessions and you will be sharing space with other women. (Max 6 people per session)

Sound emmersion group Session

Held monthly. A blend of breathwork, cacao and sound immersion to takke you on a healing journey. Take the opportunity to allow healing sounds and frequencies to take you on a journey as your body heals at a cellular level through the healing frequencies and vibrations. I will gently lead you into a beautiful place of calm where you can pause, breathe deeply and heal. 

Mirror Work journey

Just like the 1:1 mirror work sessions these workshops are a beautiful time of bonding and feeling supported by others in a small group setting as together we face the mirror and begin to see ourselves through the lense of love. All welcome. 

Find and release your authentic voice

A gentle vocal group session exploring the voice and learning to release your unique beauty, sound and frequency. Moving away from the western scale, this group workshop is a gentle introduction to the powerful healing capabilities of the human voice - our hidden weapon. 

Private Group Sessions 

If you would like to gather a group of girlfriends together for a private session, this is also an option. Prices for these sessions are as per the private 1:1 sessions and can cater for 1-6 people.

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE NOW by contacting me directly

What People are saying

"From the moment l arrived, Beck made me feel very comfortable and at home with the beautiful ambience, soft lighting, peaceful music and a lovely glass of wine. I felt totally pampered and nurtured throughout the whole experience. I just loved the scalp massage, and the sound bowls were absolutely divine! I can honestly say that l loved everything about my experience. And I walked out of the salon like a new person, and slept like a baby that night. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or family member." 


"I loved everything about my time, from the feeling of my hands in the warm water, to the flavour of tea! The afternoon was relaxing from the moment I stepped in the door.  I walked away feeling like I had been re-born! Completely refreshed." - Deb

Facetune_03-09-2022-17-59-00 2_edited.jpg

"Heaven! It was such a lovely experience. All the details were wonderful: the luxury of hands soaking in rose petals; the ambience of fairy lights and candles; the feeling of being wrapped in luscious pink warm and cosy coverings; the divine head and neck massage and hair treatment; and the healing and relaxing sound bowl meditation. I loved every little bit."


"Amazing would definitely reccomend to other pregnant women like myself, I’ve had a lot of anxiety about labour and todays session helped me realese some of that anxiety" - Hayley


"Becks nature made the experience so calming. Her voice and tone completely changed the space and created a relaxing experience. I had never had a soundbath experience before and the meditation was absolutely beautiful. I found myself being able to take the time and energy to focus on feelings and thoughts that I definitely needed to process and the entire experience helped me do that."


"Beautiful Relaxing. Soothing. Mindful. De-stressing. Beck goes to so much trouble to ensure everyone’s individual needs are met." - Helen 

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