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All for Love

In a time of what appears to be a severe uncertainty and shaky ground with the appearance of a loss of democracy in Australia I want to focus on the power of unity. The way that we hairdressers love on people so well is an incredible gift to the world right now, and together, we are an incredible and mighty army. You cannot stop love. It's an unquenchable unstoppable river and it was an honour to stand with some mighty mighty warriors over the last couple of days and pour love and hope into the lives of others. For me, standing on the steps of parliament with a group of people who have been labelled the marginalised and 'untouchables' I think that having the opportunity to cut their hair, no matter what their vaccination status was a powerful demonstration of the power of unity and love and what we can do when we link arms, and pour love into others one person at a time. True to our training as therapists, we as hairdressers were able to provide a space for people to feel loved, to be heard, to be accepted, to be given a haircut, which I know we all believe is a human right. I am so proud to be Australian right now and to stand together with other warriors to smother people with love. Love wins over fear every time and it sure won't stop here. Keep going, stay strong, and keep believing that we will see a beautiful future one way or another. I tell you what, it sure has brought us together. Keep fighting for unity. Keep fighting for love. Deliberately love and look for the opportunity to do that well.

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