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Many factors can affect the health of your hair, how dry and damaged it feels, how healthy and shiny it is and it is important to me at BECK ROWSE HAIR ARTIST that you feel heard and listened to when it comes to the integrity of your hair.  This questionaire is a chance to dig a little deeper and find out why your hair is feeling dry and damaged (if that is the case) and to find out the history of your hair and what can be done to help you. I'm here to help and I care. 

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The purpose of these questions is to do a full hair analysis on your hair and scalp to determine what is happening with your hair and what external factors may be contributing to you not seeing the healthy hair you would love. Please answer these questions with as much detail as you are comfortable with, and provide as much information as you can so that I can best help you.

Information gathered in this questionnaire is strictly confidential and will not be shared with others.

Please think back over the last 2 years when answering. Looking forward to helping you achieve your hair goals! Here we go! Love Beck
In the last year, what chemical service have you had done on your hair? Please tick all boxes that apply
What is the evironment like at your workplace in regards to physical elements?

Internal elements can affect hair too, such as medications, stress, trauma, mental health, hormones etc The following questions are optional to answer, and I very much respect your privacy, but take note for yourself:

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Thanks for answering!

I will be in touch shortly!

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